Javascript Hangman Game

Various examples of vocabulary lists and themes playable as hangman. Enjoy.

Developer Comment and Notes

I hope you enjoy playing this javascript hangman game. This game is written in HTML, Javascript and CSS, and runs in a web browser.

The engine is designed to support dynamic, custom word lists, picture lists, even link and sound lists. And to run them without needing to install any apps or subscribe to any walled-gardens or services; You just need a basic web browser and internet connection.

The code was first written around 2000 (twenty years ago) and has required a little updating over the years, using better browser support technologies as they gain adoption (avoiding frameworks, polyfills, and build tools generally); It's been a really fun learning/side-project in that time.

There is still a bit of the older code and patterns to be refactored, which as a web developer is both interesting and embarrassing since tricks used before support for "dynamic html" was ubiquitous are achievable these days through built-ins and updated practices. (Javascript and DOM support won the war, beating its contenders during that time.) I plan to continue updating this as time permits, and extend support for using your own data (previously any customization needed to be located along-side the code running it which has pros and cons, but requires time/attention I don't have).

If you are learning web development, or game programming and find anything about this approach helpful that would be really cool. Even if you just determine this isn't how you want to do your project. :-) Regardless, best wishes to you on your programming journey. And if you just like word puzzle games: Welcome!

If you experience any bugs or playability problems, please let me know. Thank you in advance! Enjoy!

Play the game in a separate window or tab, or linked directly in this window. (The choice influences how the game is exits, if closing the window is an option.)