E.S.Q. Software

Who or what is E.S.Q. Software?

Once upon a time I thought acronyms were helpful; E.S.Q. is one of those acronyms. It stands for "Education", "Standards", and "Quality". These were (and remain) ideals that appeal to me personally and the name reminds me to strive for those in any software project I take on.

Why this website?

Over the years I've built tools to make tasks easier, or illustrate how to tackle programming and web development challenges. As a web developer I also found myself looking for a place to accumulate reliable tools and process for building and managing web projects for customers. This site was created as a place to aggregate and centralize that content--mainly so I could find them again when the need would arise. I mention this because I have a vested interest in trying to keep it current and useful...and I honestly hope you'll find it useful too. I appreciate your visit and hope you'll drop me a line if you have any questions or run into anything that isn't clear (or correct). Thank you!

Would you like to reach our audience?

Now that we've told you about our focus, perhaps you have a product or service designed to help our audience. We run ads to try to cover some of our hosting expenses and to prepare to help with upcoming college expenses for the kids. If you would like to explore this further, please contact me to work through one of the ad networks we partner with.

Here are some examples of our web developer content: