Javascript Help: IMG (Image) Object

JavaScript can be used to access a number of DOM (Document Object Model) Objects. One very common object is the IMG (Image) tag/object. Here are it's properties and methods enumerated dynamically. (Note: this method will expose the properties and methods supported by your browser on-the-fly.) The Image Object is the JavaScript object for interfacing with IMG tags. The properties you see between <img> HTML markup map to similar property names that are a part of the DOM and become accessible to client-side scripting.

Note: while the IMG tag's SRC property can technically request many types of image formats, the properties appear to belong to the IMG tag rather than to the format of the image type as evidenced by the enumerated properties of three test IMG tag instances.

See below for additional detail.

GIF Image Object Properties Enumerated

JPG Image Object Properties Enumerated

PNG Image Object Properties Enumerated

Tip: This example uses a small script library to expose the properties and methods of a passed object. You can use it from where it lives on the web during your own development, or download it and tweak to suite your needs. View the source of expose.js for additional info. Here's an example of it's usage:

<script src=""></script> <script>expose(img)</script>

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